The Story Behind On Track Management, Inc.

On Track Management, Inc. (OTM) is a full-service company that not only negotiates races and sponsorships but also provides the essential support to a professional athlete. The philosophy, which has driven the success of OTM, is that every athlete is important. Each and every athlete receives gold medal winning attention at OTM.

Digital & Media Presence

You are more than an athlete; you are a major performer of the global athletic stage. Our athletes do great things on and off the track and we make sure everybody knows it. We will put you in the spotlight either through social media, the main form of communication for athletes, or with the help of key players of the media world who are more and more interested in our talents.


Community Effort/Philanthropy

We provide event production and support for our client's foundation/charity events.  We utilize our relationships with leading corporations that have philanthropy at the forefront of their CSO agenda to solicit partners to fund, sponsor, and/or contribute to the foundation's cause.  Additionally, OTM engages in its own philanthropic efforts both locally and internationally.


OTM is one of the industry leaders in matters ranging from sports apparel negotiations, to immigration issues, and to media relations. Indicative of our ability to traverse the marketing landscape, OTM clients are sponsored by some of the world's leading sports apparel conglomerates and non-sporting partners. Our clients have been featured on programs such as CNN, CBS-News York, ESPN Sports Nation, ATL Profile, Trans World, and EuroSports, as well as an assortment of print and electronic medium. We annually finance media training for our clients to ensure their well-rounded persona thus enhancing their marketability. Mindful of the adage that, "To whom much is given, much is required," we work in tandem with our athletes on a host of philanthropic activities unerringly aimed at bettering the lot of those around us. OTM is indeed a place “where medalists call home.”

Claude Bryan

Shoe Sponsor Contract Negotiations,
Competition Scheduling/Negotiations

Juanita M. Bryan
VP/Authorized Athlete Representative, IAAF/USATF

Business Development,